3000ml Dehumidifier

3000ml Dehumidifier

  • High-Efficiency, Lightweight and Portable Dehumidifier
  • Ideal for removing Damp, Mould and Moisture
  • Built-in Humidity Sensor with LED display
  • Removes up to 1.5L of moisture per day with a 3L water tank capacity
  • Ultra-quiet peltier technology
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Product Description

This brand new 3000ml capacity Dehumidifier from Pro Breeze quickly and efficiently removes damp, mold and moisture from the air. It is perfect for use in small to medium sized areas such as the Kitchen, Garage, Basement, Caravan, Wardrobe, Boat or anywhere else prone to damp air.

With built-in peltier technology that does not require a compressor, this dehumidifier can absorb up to 1.5L of moisture per day whilst remaining compact, lightweight and extremely energy efficient with low power consumption. It is ideal for spaces that are a little too large for our 500ml or 1500ml dehumidifiers.


  • Extracts up to 1500ml of moisture per day
  • Large 3000ml capacity water tank
  • Built in LED display shows current room humidity
  • Automatically turns off when desired humidity % reached
  • Energy efficient with low power consumption
  • Silent Mode can be used to reduce fan speed for quite operation
  • Ultra-quiet peltier technology uses thermo-electric cooling

In the box:

1 x Pro Breeze Dehumidifier, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x Instruction Manual